Pesach 2021

Order Shmura Matzah

Machane Chodosh makes traditional hand made Shmura Matzah available for sale to our members and to the community. Click here to purchase matzah.

Sell Chametz

The Torah prohibits us from owning Chametz over Pesach. For those who have Chametz that we cannot get rid of before Pesach, we are to sell the Chametz to a non-Jew. Click here for more info.

Laws of Pesach

Pesach this year begins on Motzei Shabbat. This presents a number of unique circumstances. We have created a brief outline of the correct way to navigate this schedule.  Click here to download.

YomTov Schedule

Our latest schedule of services is available for your download. View the correct times for the disposal of chametz, the correct time to light candles and begin your seder.  Click here to download.

OU Passover Guide

The Orthodox Union makes this comprehensive guide each year. It contains a list of products that are Kosher for Passover, information about how to kosher your home, and much more. View the guide here.