Adult Learning

Rosh Chodesh Society for Women

Join Rebbetzin Mendelson for 7 monthly sessions running November through May on relevant topics based on Torah and Kabbalah enhancing our daily lives and spiritual journey.
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Jewish Learning Institute

Our congregation is a proud member of the Jewish Learning Institute, pooling the resources of over 300 congregations to create learning opportunities for adults that are relevant, in-depth, and accessible. Topics are generally presented in six-week courses on a weekday evening. Past topics have run the gamut from Talmud, Civil Law, and Ethics, Psychology, Kabbalah, and Character, Jewish History, Jewish Ritual, Beliefs, and Heritage
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Talmud Class: Tractate Gittin – Understanding Marriage through Divorce Law

Join us in the unique intellectual, legal, and ethical exercise that is the study of Talmud. We are currently studying Tractate Gittin – The Laws of Divorce. Gittin has many implications on the nature of the marriage relationship, the obligations and expectations between spouses. Gittin also deals with contract law.
While no background is required for this class, Talmud study is complex and intellectually challenging so come with your thinking cap on!
Both men and women are welcome.
Shabbat afternoons – one hour before Minchah.

Torah Study: The Timeless Relevance of the Weekly Torah Reading

While the five books of Moses may be over 3000 years old, they have lessons that can guide our modern lives. Each week we discuss several verses or themes from the passages of the Torah that will be read in the Shul on the following Shabbat.
Wednesdays 11:00 AM and on Facebook Live