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Welcome to Machane Chodosh a vibrant Synagogue with the quality of making Jews from diverse religious backgrounds
feel welcome, at home and spiritually enriched.

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Shul Activities

Grow and flourish in an atmosphere where Jewish values and traditions are integrated into all of our programs. Below you can find our detailed calendar, illustrating the variety of events happening on any given day of the week - from Talmud classes and workshops to lectures and brother/sisterhood/children events. Whether you're a long-standing congregant or new to our synagogue; stop on in! We'll be glad to have you.

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  • Friday Night - 10 min. before sunset
  • Shabbat Shacharit - 8:45 am
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Who are we?

Our Rabbis

Rabbi Manfred Gans has been leading our congregation since 1950, delivering eloquent and thought provoking speeches as well as legendary personal attention to the needs of each and every member.
Rabbi Yossi Mendelson has been with our congregation since 2010. His warm likeable personality as well as his interactive, lively and accessible services, sermons, and classes are really one of a kind.
Rabbi Gans and Rabbi Mendelson are both "peoples' Rabbis" who cherish their roles as community leaders.

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Our Community

Machane Chodosh has distinguished itself as a warm and inviting community consisting of many types of families and singles ranging across a wide spectrum of age and religious observance. Together we pray, share meals and share simchas (happy occasions.) It is not uncommon to see people spanning 4 generations sitting at the same table or pew. When this Shul was founded, it was self-evident everyone was treated and respected equally regardless of level of religious observance. This principle carries on. When you walk through the Shul door, you are accorded the same Derech Eretz (respect) as anyone else.

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Our History

Congregation Machane Chodosh was formed by refugees from Germany, many of whom narrowly missing the decimation of German Jewry in Holocaust. Our Shul is committed to carrying forward a tradition that was almost completely eradicated by the Nazis. As a member of Machane Chodosh, you will take part in carrying Judaism forward to the next generation.

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Our Service

The peaks and valleys of life are the stuff that your most significant memories are made of. Your Rabbis and lay staff of Congregation Machane Chodosh will be with you at every step of the way to facilitate making the events that make up the Jewish lifecycle honorable and meaningful. Our warm and homey social hall and dignified sanctuary will also be available to you at a priority and discount basis.

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August 2018 — Mr. Shabbos performs for Machane Chodosh

November 21, 2018

Rabbi’s Shavuot Message

The Holiday of Shavuot is essentially the celebration of the anniversary of our conversion to Judaism, as Rambam indicates in his Code of Jewish Law, that just as our ancestors undertook three steps in their entry into the covenant with Hashem, namely: Brit Milah – circumcision (Shemot 12:48), immersion in a mikvah (ibid 19:10), and…

May 27, 2016

Rabbi’s Purim Message

The Antidote to Haman: Jewish Unity The festival of Purim is generally known as a time of revelry and merrymaking. A time when we let our hair down celebrating our salvation from the wicked Haman who wanted to annihilate the Jewish People. This celebration has not lost its meaning for us throughout the centuries, for…

March 14, 2016
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